Сообщения за Февраль, 2012
About Russian online shop MoreVsego
If your Russian is a little rusty you may have forgotten that More Vsego is Russian for “sea of plenty” a slogan that typifies our approach to present the different types of Russian products for everyone residing in the UK who wishes to feel the spirit of Russia.
Our vision Our vision is to popularise Russian culture, arts, language and traditional cuisine, blending them with multicultural Britain to add new aspects of style and taste.
We wish to see Russia being represented as a powerful state, rich in historical and cultural heritage, and not just as a country with such residents as bears, gorgeous women and several multimillionaires.
Our goals Our main goals are to become the leading online Russian production shop in Europe, and the main means of achieving this is by providing the highest quality of service, a wide range of products and competitive prices.

Our products We select only the finest products of Russian national cuisine that are available…